Remastering and defunct formats including tape baking

Picture of Alchemy's tape baking oven

Alchemy offers a full restoration service of older and defunct formats such as Analogue tape, DAT, Exabyte, Mini Disc, Umatic tape and Vinyl disc. We have a specialist laboratory oven to perform on site analogue and digital tape baking, for the preparation of tapes that have been found to shed on playback, and a comprehensive range of Denoising software from CEDAR, Magix and Izotope.

Playback machines include Studer A80 1/2" and 1/4" with custom built ultra low noise Decca style replay amps, Studer A820 1/4" and Ampex ATR100 1/2". 

Sony 7030 and R700 DAT machines

Sony 1630 and DMR4000 Umatic 

Rega RP6 turntable with Dynavector cartridge and custom Rega preamp 

Sony MDS JB920 Minidisc player

Nakamichi DR-2 Cassette player